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We offer a bathing service which would be complete on the last day we sit for you. We ensure your pet will be freshly cleansed for when you return home. So, kick up those feet, put on a movie and cuddle the night away! Your pet will love you even more for taking advantage of this wonderful service! Please specify any instructions you may have, in the comment section, on the "Book A Service" form when booking.

Blow drying
& Nail Trimming


We offer to cut & trim your pets (dogs/cats) nails just how they do at your local vets office, but instead it's conveniently done right in their home. If you decide to have your pet bathed, you also have the choice of them being either blow-dried or air-dried.

Running Errands


We even offer to do short and sweet running around errands for you! Our services include, but certainly aren't limited to: bank stops, grocery stops, pick up medications, pick up kids and deposit them with sitter, etc.

House Sitting


Our house sitting services include: mail pick-up and watering of plants. Upon your request, we even offer to stay overnight in your home, to ensure the safety of your animals and/or personal belongings while you’re away.

Light Housekeeping


We offer light housekeeping to ensure a clean home upon your arrival. Our housekeeping services will include: dishes, vacuuming, cleaning of counter tops, washing and folding of laundry.

Administering Medications


If your pet requires any medications, we will be sure to administer them as directed by the client and the veterinarian. Please include any detailed instructions in the comment section of the "Book A Service" form.

Overnight Stay At Client's


For your own security and pets safety, we offer to stay in the client's home. During our stay, we will make sure your animals are fed and have plenty of water. We will walk or run them as specified by their owner. We always include playtime as we love them like our own! You may choose to add as many extra services as needed during our stay. We don't want you to worry while you're away!

Anal Gland Expression


We can take care of your dog's anal glands just like they do at your local vet, but instead in the comfort of their own home or here at BCS.

Livestock Services


Our livestock service includes: feed, water, salt, minerals, cleaning of stalls, adding fresh bedding, and walking horses. We will also check for colic, bleeding, and limping on livestock animals.

Poop Scoopin'


On our last day of caring for your animals, we will pick up all the poop in your back yard, double bag it and put it in your garbage.

Notary Public


We are a Notary Public and we can meet at a public place or your home and notarize your signature on your any of your legal documents.

Drop-in Service


We will drop in at your home and stay 30-45 mins. In that time we will feed, water and walk your dogs and/or cats. We will also clean their litter box. We will drop in as many times during the day as requested by pur clients.

For services that only include bathing, nail-trim, or anal gland
expression, there will be a $0.65/mile trip charge after the first 20 miles.